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Here’s a photo of me for you all x
    @sarahhfoster_’s GIF from GifBoom: Love you more than anything ❤ (Taken with GifBoom)
    Love you more than anything ❤ (Taken with GifBoom)
    everyone should go follow this tumblr it’s my old tumblr but using it instead!

You get it, right…??

    Anonymous asked: Why? Like what are the reasons you do it?

    Just makes me feel a whole lot better in a way, like it hurts but I’d rather the pain from a blade than any other pain. The reasons why I do it are personal, but I guess I don’t really know all of the reasons anyways, like I just get upset over absolutely nothing and I can’t ever work out why though I do have actual reasons as to why I’m upset as well.